Solutions for photovoltaic electrification 

Automatic Solar Streetlight.
Wireless Control, programming & monitoring

Photovoltaic MPPT battery charge controller for lead-acid and any Lithium battery configuation, BMS included.
Streetlight automatic control: hourly schedule with different programs for summer & winter, light power regulation using PWM technology. Constant current boost LED Driver for battery-powered systems, LED lamp till 100W and 150V.


Solar Streetlight Controller

10A PWM Solar Battery Charger for 12V or 24V batteries (auto detection), with street light controller. Lights are automatically started at sunset till sunrise, and power is reduced at central hour of night following a sophisticated algorithm as function of battery state and hours of night duration.

Solar Controller 
wireless IOT

10A PWM Solar Battery Charger with automatic night Load controller and integrated wireless transmitter. kit includes an USB transmitter device and Windows software for Streetlight control, programming and  monitoring. Optional hand remote control is available.

MPPT controllers,  Boost LED Driver

10A MPPT Solar Battery Chargers for 12V and 24V Lead-acid or any configuration of lithium batteries, including BMS.
Constant current boost LED Driver for battery-powered systems. Output till 100W/150V & compatible with PWM power saving technology.

Who we are

Agneus PV was founded in 2009 by Electronic Engineer Santiago Gual, who previously had worked in Smart Grids European Reseach Projectsr for photovoltaic energy generation, store and demand management
Agneus PV main missions are:
1) Design & manufacturing of electronic systems for photovoltaic energy rural electrification and, specially, autonomous solar street light.
2) Offer innovative hi-tech solutions in photovoltaic applications for self-consumption in power network hybridization.


Solar street light at Lliçà de Munt (2010)

What we do

During 13 anys  we have developed completed  technology system required for solar street light:
1) MPPT & PWM solar battery charge controllers for lead-acid batteries, VRLA/AGM/GEL and lithium batteries with distributed BMS control.
2) Automatic Streetlight Controller: hourly schedule for summer & winter, PWM light power regulation
3) LED Driver for any kind of battery-powered systems. Customized design for any LED lamp till 200W and voltage till 150V. 100% compatible with our Controllers.
4) IOT: Remote monitoring of battery voltage, current charging & street light operation. Street light remote programming: all streetlight operation parameters can be read & write using an app for Windows computers  "Agneus Remote StreetLight Control Management"

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